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New Image Dental’s Very Own Clinical Instructor From The Prestigious Kois Center

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New Image Dental’s Very Own Clinical Instructor From The Prestigious Kois Center


Dr. Scott Strommer of New Image Dental, has recently been appointed as a Clinical Instructor of the prestigious Kois Center, a dynamic clinical program contributing the latest education in advanced esthetics, dental implants and restorative dentistry. Together with Dr. Leslie Strommer, who is also a recent graduate of the Kois Center, the Strommers are determined to continue raising the bar of advanced dentistry and patient care at New Image Dental in Mission Valley.

As a Clinical Instructor with exceptional training in dental implants, biomechanics, comprehensive restorative care, occlusion and TMJ therapy, Dr. Scott has been recognized for his outstanding mentorship and leadership in his teaching role at the Center. “I look forward to taking the time to find out what my patients want and why, and helping put their minds at ease,” explains Dr. Scott. “At New Image Dental, we are a cohesive team, and every patient is heard as they are guided through what to expect of their treatment and dental health.”

After traveling to Seattle over the past several years to earn over 200 hours of continuing education through the nine-course didactic curriculum at the Kois Center, Dr. Scott Strommer completed his certification with an intensive written and clinical examination. He is honored to bring the knowledge and experience from graduation as a Clinical Instructor to his training and mentorship of future students and professionals in the industry. It is Dr. Scott’s hope that his ongoing experience and passion to learn will positively impact the care of his patients and the strength of the team at New Image Dental.

Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer have always been passionate about patient care and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques in modern dentistry. Graduating from the Kois Center has been nothing short of a challenge but has become one of the most rewarding accomplishments for both of these dentists, who also hold certifications as Doctors of Dental Surgery (DDS) and participate in numerous dental associations in the area. At New Image Dental, Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer blend all facets of state-of-the-art dentistry into their practice to develop health-driven strategies for their patients to experience better care in and out of the office.

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