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How To Stay Young…With Dentistry!

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How To Stay Young…With Dentistry!

They say wisdom comes with age, but why does it also come with wrinkles and discolored teeth?!

Your smile is one of your most important features and you should feel proud to flash your pearly whites. But if chipped, discolored or missing teeth have you looking older than you feel, Dr. Leslie and Dr. Scott at New Image Dental want you to know that a more youthful and vibrant smile is within reach.

Don’t Pass Up Prevention!

Regular flossing and brushing helps prevent receding of gums which can lead to gum disease, bone loss and other complications. Scheduling regular appointments with your dentist is an essential part of preventative dentistry and vital to keeping your smile healthy and looking young.

Making an appointment to visit the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning is an essential part of oral maintenance. Visiting the dentist every six months offers an opportunity to discuss your smile goals with your dentist.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Dentist

Beyond regular cleanings at New Image Dental, we offer many cosmetic dentistry options for improving the look of your smile. Many of these cosmetic dental procedures are simple and painless, and can restore the youthful smile and appearance that you may be looking for. Brightening a dull and discolored smile with teeth whitening is a quick, painless and affordable option to regaining a youthful smile.

Teeth Whitening: The Wonder Cure To Stained Teeth

At New Image Dental we offer Sinsational Smile teeth whitening, or take home whitening trays, both excellent teeth whitening options to give your smile a refreshing new look. A bright smile is one we hope you’ll want to show off and share! If your smile needs more than a whitening to restore its youthful look and feel, New Image Dental offers many options for patients to achieve their ideal smile.

Is Your Smile “Missing” A Little Something?

Replacing missing teeth or correcting a misaligned smile are other ways to restore a youthful smile. And with the state of the art technology we expertly offer at New Image Dental, your new smile can be achieved more quickly and with less discomfort than ever before.   

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants, partial or full dentures is essential to maintaining oral health but also to restore a youthful smile. Dental implants offer a permanent solution for those seeking to replace one or two missing teeth, restoring functionality and improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Back In Line In Time To Smile

Correcting misaligned teeth with Invisalign is an easy, subtle and effective way to revitalize your smile. Improving the look of your teeth can change your overall look, offering a more youthful appearance and outlook–dentistry can keep you young!

Proactive Dentistry To Love For A Lifetime

Treating the source, not the symptom is our priority at New Image Dental, and Dr. Scott and Dr. Leslie want every patient to have their ideal smile! Smile design with Dr. Scott and Dr. Leslie offers San Diego patients the opportunity to achieve the youthful smile of their dreams.

No matter your age, it’s never too late to start caring for your valuable smile. Let us at New Image Dental help you get on track to rediscovering the joy of a healthy and youthful smile.

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