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Same Day Smiles

Same Day Smiles

Confidence Begins With A Healthy Smile

We make small changes to your smile to enhance your appearance and elevate your cosmetic beauty.

Same Day Smiles

Perfect Your Smile with Modern Dentistry



Imperfections in your smile can weigh down your confidence and self esteem. At your consultation, we’ll use a comprehensive approach to carefully examine your dental health, listen to your concerns and goals and develop a custom dental treatment plan. Give us a call to schedule your appointment!


3D Imaging

Traditional dental X-rays may require frequent exposure to radiation as multiple slides are developed of your mouth and teeth. At New Image Dental we use advanced CAD/CAM technology to create a virtual 3D map of your teeth. This lets us be precise in our evaluation of your smile and guided placement of new tooth structure so the final results are perfect.



We partner with you to develop tooth-colored restorations that are the ideal shape, size and color of your naturally beautiful smile, replacing small chips, cracks or signs of discoloration with a stunning porcelain crown or veneer. Even small gaps or crooked teeth can benefit from custom crowns or veneers designed in-office!



Once you help determine the proper look and feel of your new dental restoration, our advanced CEREC technology will mill your beautiful new dental crown or veneer in-office in a matter of minutes! Once small adjustments are made to the final designs, they are polished and prepared for placement into the mouth.



Placing the new dental crown or veneer is simple but requires an exceptional attention to cosmetic detail and dental precision. Your dental crown is permanently secured into place via a strong abutment fixed to a dental implant, or is bonded similarly to a dental veneer with use of a strong dental cement. These built-to-last results can improve your smile for many years!

Celebrate Your Smile

Over the years, we’ve gotten the chance to see how CADSMILES truly changes and improves the lives of many of our patients, filling them with confidence, radiance, and a whole new reason to celebrate their beautiful smiles. At New Image Dental, we continually learn the best, safest, and most convenient ways to help you achieve that radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of without the hassle or stress of traditional procedures. If you have chipped, crooked, gapped, or discolored teeth that are keeping you from feeling your best, give us a call to ask how our amazing CADSMILES treatment can take your smile to the next level.

Featuring CADSmiles

Your life-changing teeth whitening experience can occur in just one twenty minute appointment using our highly recommended Sinsational Smiles program to deliver virtually instant, stunning results! Our team is also proud to be one of the very few offices in Northern America that features Eddie Corrales’ CADSMILES program, creating stunning custom designed porcelain veneers in a single appointment. Take a look at our countless success stories in the Smile Gallery!


Our team is thrilled to see our patients receive the life-changing results of CADSMILES when their sense of confidence, self-esteem and energy is improved with a more cosmetically beautiful smile. At your visit to our office, you can relax as a 3D custom impression is made of your teeth to design your ideal new dental veneers. Made of a small film of radiant and strong porcelain, these veneers slip comfortably over the surface of your teeth to cover any discolorations, fill gaps between teeth, reform misshapen teeth, and give you that amazing smile you’ll be showing off later! Get ready to take a lot of selfies when you contact us to schedule your teeth whitening experience.

Using only the Finest Technology and Experienced Care

Serving our clients’ needs in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, and more.

A modern dental practice

As we get older we realize that our teeth are one of the most valuable assets to our health. By practicing conservative care and encouraging regular visits to the dentist, our team at New Image Dental makes it easier for patients to enjoy healthier, stronger smiles in a calming and friendly atmosphere.

Leslie Strommer, DDS
Scott Strommer, DDS