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I’m Scared Of The Dentist! What Are My Options?

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I’m Scared Of The Dentist! What Are My Options?


If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not alone. It’s been estimated that around 15% of people suffer from some kind of dental anxiety, and may put off important dental work because of it.

Not all dental anxiety is created equal. Some folks may find it difficult to sit still or feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, but can manage a six-month teeth cleaning appointment. Other people may suffer panic attacks and anxiety at the mere mention of the dentist.

If you are scared of the dentist you have options, including conscious sedation. At New Image Dental, our Mission Valley Dental Office, Dr. Leslie Strommer, Dr. Scott Strommer and Dr. John Kim are some of the “best sedation dentists near me!” If you need San Diego sedation dentistry, we can help. Start by reading a few tips from the New Image Dental team.

1. Choose The Right Dentist, And Find Out Your “Triggers”

For mild cases of dental anxiety, you may not need to see a conscious sedation dentist at all. By simply working with an experienced dentist like Dr. Leslie, Dr. Scott or Dr. John, you can find out your anxiety triggers, and work to minimize their effects.

Corah’s Dental Anxiety Scale is often used for this. This questionnaire can measure the specific sources of your dental anxiety, whether it’s fear of pain, loss of control, embarrassment, or any other trigger that makes you anxious. Once your triggers are identified, your dentist can use suitable techniques to help you overcome your anxiety.

If you fear loss of control, for example, they can gently explain every aspect of the procedure, ask your permission to continue, make time for breaks if you need them, and give you the opportunity to stop the procedure at any time.

2. Try To Use Distractions To Change Your Focus

Distractions can be very helpful in cases of dental anxiety. Once you get to the dentist, you might immediately start to feel anxious. Then, once you feel anxious, you begin to panic and have anxiety about feeling anxious! It can be a vicious cycle where your negative feelings are constantly reinforced.

Solutions as simple as listening to music or watching your favorite tv show during treatment can help prevent you from focusing on your anxiety.

3. Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is usually required for those who have moderate to severe dental anxiety. At New Image Dental, we offer conscious sedation in Mission Valley, and can treat even the most severe cases of dental anxiety.

One of our doctors will provide you with an oral medication such as Valium or Halcyon to take about an hour before your appointment. This medication reduces your state of consciousness, allowing you to get the dental care you need without feeling anxious. You may even fall asleep during the procedure, or “forget” it entirely.

Come See Our Mission Valley Sedation Dentist – Get The Care You Need!

If you have a dental issue, but fear the dentist, don’t wait another second. The dentists and team at New Image Dental are caring and professional with years of experience treating dental anxiety.

We treat you with kindness and understanding, so that you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment. See our testimonials to learn more, and contact us for an appointment at 619-457-6803. You can also come to our office in-person at 8989 Rio San Diego Dr. #170, San Diego, California 92108.

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