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Is There A Faster Way To Straighter Teeth?

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Is There A Faster Way To Straighter Teeth?

At New Image Dental, Dr. Leslie Strommer, Dr. Scott Strommer, and Dr. John Kim are Invisalign experts. We have been offering Invisalign since 2003, and have treated thousands of satisfied patients throughout San Diego.

Though Invisalign does offer fast results, we often get patients who are looking for a way to speed up the process even further. For that, we have accelerated orthodontics.

With the power of the Propel’s V-Pro5, you can speed up your braces and Invisalign treatment by 40-50%. The V-Pro5 uses smart-technology to subtly shift the teeth and decrease the time spent wearing orthodontia. With this device, we can accelerate tooth movement and help you get the smile of your dreams faster than ever!

Smiling after successful Invisalign treatment. V-Pro5 and AcceleDent treatment.

V-Pro5  Basics

Propel’s V-Pro5 is a handheld device that is used in conjunction with major clear aligner products, including Clear Correct and Invisalign. It is one of the latest forms of accelerated orthodontics technology which can shorten your treatment and ease discomfort.

First, the mouthguard of the device is placed over your aligners. When the device is activated, it delivers a series of carefully calibrated vibrations, or “micro-pulses,” throughout the teeth and bone. These vibrations stimulate your teeth and your jaw, accelerating the effectiveness of your aligners, and significantly reducing the amount of time that it takes for your teeth to shift.

How Do Vibrations Help My Teeth Shift More Quickly?

Micro-pulses help aid in the tooth movement process, which is known as “bone remodeling”. With these precise vibrations moving through the tooth roots and bone, cellular changes take place, allowing orthodontic systems to work more quickly.

faster braces and treatment time. Orthodontics done early.

With the help of the V-Pro5, you will have a treatment time that’s up to 40-50% shorter. Most of our patients can swap their aligners out every few days instead of the standard 2 weeks. In addition, you’ll find that the device significantly reduce the pain and discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.

Considering Micro Osteoperforation

While the V-Pro5 device can speed up the Invisalign treatment, it’s not the only way we help your teeth align quickly. Micro Osteoperforation (MOP) is a cutting-edge dentistry technique that can help you achieve results even faster!

The MOP technique uses microtechnology to give the bone that surrounds your teeth more maneuverability while using the V-Pro5. As the teeth shift to their corrected position, the jaw bone heals and holds the teeth in place. Each treatment takes only 20 minutes and is done in our office in a single appointment. This process can be performed a number of times to speed up the alignment process even further.

Adding MOP to your orthodontic treatment has a number of benefits, including:


Fast procedure: Because the MOP technique can be done so quickly, you can come in during a lunch break or whenever you have an extra 30 minutes.Straighter Invisalign smile. Vibration technology leads to shorter treatment time
No recovery time: The precision of the MOP technique offers minimal discomfort and virtually no healing time. You don’t need to change any of your oral care habits!
Faster results: MOP in combination with the V-Pro5 help you achieve your ideal smile, quickly.

Interested In Getting The Smile You’ve Always Wanted? Contact Us Now!

If you are interested in Invisalign, but worried about long treatment times, contact us today at 619-280-9100, or drop by our office at 8989 Rio San Diego Drive, #170, San Diego, CA 92108.
At New Image Dental, our doctors provide the best Invisalign services in all of Mission Valley. And with accelerated orthodontic procedures like the V-Pro5 and the MOP technique, we can give you the smile of your dreams, fast!


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