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Digital Dentistry: Are You Getting The Right Diagnosis?

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Digital Dentistry: Are You Getting The Right Diagnosis?


As modern dentistry continues to evolve, more dentists are turning from traditional diagnostic tools and film X-rays to more advanced forms of digital dentistry. Recognized for its improved safety, precision and integration into treatment planning and production, digital dentistry has numerous benefits patients may not even know about. Do you think digital dentistry can help you?

Entering the 3rd Dimension of Digital Dentistry

It used to be that patients at their regular exams would have to wait for a series of dental X-rays to be taken and the film to develop. On a small light-up screen their dentist would walk them through an outline of what they saw in hopes that the patient could follow along.

Thanks to modern dentistry, patients can see for themselves the comprehensive advantage of 3D dental imaging, which can paint a detailed map of a smile in just seconds to reveal a virtual roadmap of the gums, teeth, joints and mouth.


Cone Beam 3D Imaging

At your next dental exam at New Image Dental, ask us about how we improve patient’s level of care with proactive dental technology. Using Cone Beam 3D Imaging our team captures a three-dimensional image of your current dental condition, including the teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways and bone material in a single scan. This visual information can then be manipulated by dental software for a number of uses including the following:

  • Plan for the careful extraction of impacted teeth or wisdom teeth
  • Diagnose potential causes of jaw pain or TMJ disorder
  • Prepare for the exact placement of dental implants
  • Discover changes in dental health unseen to the naked eye
  • Plan for treatments in restorative dentistry

Digital imaging in dental care allows your dentist to determine and evaluate the bone structure, tooth orientation and general health of the teeth and tissue in the mouth. For patients with chronic dental pain, jaw pain or similar dental issues, it can be used to locate the origin of a dental pain and plan appropriate treatment. No matter what a patient’s dental needs may be, dental radiography with Cone Beam technology dramatically enhances the abilities to locate, plan for and treat changes in dental health.

How Safe Is Digital Dentistry?

After a Cone Beam CT scan, dentists are provided more information than conventional dental X-rays without requiring the patient to have multiple exposures. In fact, after a CT scan no radiation is left in the patient’s body and radiation from a CT scan is up to 10 times less than that of a medical CT scan. Overall digital dentistry has made leaps in reducing radiation exposure to a minimum to ensure the best safety and care for each patient.

Curious About Dental Advancements?

As your local dentist in Mission Valley, Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer are pioneering the future of dental care for their patients. By incorporating high quality dental technology and only the best training in the field, the team at New Image Dental provides unparalleled dental services, including dental implants, one day crowns, same day dentistry and lifelike cosmetic dentistry. Give us a call or stop in today to learn more about how we’re training dentists around the nation with services that make us proud to serve our community.

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