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Dental Implants Vs Dentures

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Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Are dentures or dental implants the right tooth replacement option for you?

For many dealing with missing teeth, the effects of tooth loss have been more than just physical. Aside from losing your ability to eat your favorite foods or easily carry on a conversation, many patients experience a loss of self-esteem or even turn to social isolation to cope with their change in lifestyle.

At New Image Dental, we have a vested interest in restoring the health and smile of our patients, so that they may embrace life to the fullest again in a healthy and functional smile.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Neglecting to replace missing teeth comes with a cost: patients face an increased risk of tooth decay or tooth loss, developing a misaligned bite, or suffering increased risks or symptoms of gum disease. They may also experience premature aging in their appearance, develop jaw pain, or have difficulty performing daily tasks such as eating or speaking with ease.

What Are My Options For Tooth Replacement?

Today, the options for replenishing your smile are plentiful: you have your choice of dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, or full or partial dentures. Ask us for a consultation to discover which option is best for you!

Dental Implants: The Preferred Option

Dental implants are widely known as a permanent dental solution, where a titanium post that mimics a natural, healthy tooth root is placed into the jawbone to support a strong dental crown.

Durable and reliable by design, dental implants differ from dentures in that they do not shift or slip out of place, and do not require any change in a good home hygiene routine. They are also the only tooth replacement option to fuse with the bone in the jaw, to support the retention of a natural face shape and to prevent bone loss surrounding neighboring teeth.

What Is A Good Alternative To A Dental Implant?

Modern dentures are an excellent option for restoring confidence in patients of all ages.
Also known as complete or traditional dentures, full dentures can replace entire sets of missing teeth and are easily removed for cleaning. Patients often choose dentures as an affordable, non-surgical treatment option, however they may need adjusting through the years.

Partial dentures can either be fixed or removable. If you choose fixed dentures, they will be secured to your teeth by use of bridges. They are designed for reliability, comfort, and the ability to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your radiant smile!

Implant supported dentures can provide a long-lasting solution to patients who have lost as many as all of their teeth. Also known as snap-on dentures, these prosthetic devices are secured into place a few dental implants to provide a superior fit as compared to full dentures.

Same Day Smiles With CEREC

At New Image Dental, we are proud to announce that we offer same day dentistry using CEREC technology. CEREC is an advanced dental system that creates high quality restorative and cosmetic tooth replacements.

When used to create same day crowns, CEREC eliminates the common practice of fashioning a temporary crown while patients wait on a dental lab for a permanent crown. With same day dentistry, patients find that they’re spending less time in the chair and more time celebrating their smiles.

Excellence In Health And Confidence

Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer are committed to using advanced technology to restore your beautiful smile and best suit your needs. Call our office at (619) 280-9100 to schedule a consultation for tooth replacement. We will walk you through the entire process so you can know what to expect on your journey towards great oral health and a confident smile.

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