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Get To Know Your Benefits With CEREC

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Get To Know Your Benefits With CEREC

At New Image Dental, we’re all about patient care and convenience. Why wait days or weeks to restore your smile when you can achieve a beautiful smile in a simple, same-day appointment?

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Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer have enjoyed transforming smiles with CEREC for the past 13 years–in fact, Dr. Scott pursued further education to become a certified trainer of CEREC technology and train doctors across the country! We believe in CEREC for all the advantages it provides to our patients. Find out if you enjoy CEREC as much as we do by reading below or coming in for a tour!

What is CEREC?

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology to build beautiful dental crowns, implant crowns and bridges in a fraction of the time of traditional dentistry. By milling custom dental crowns from blocks of tooth-colored ceramic, CEREC builds dental crowns that can change the shape, size and color of the teeth. After tooth loss, CEREC can even provide natural looking tooth replacement with dental implants and crowns.

Save Time With Same Day Treatment!

No one likes making multiple trips, especially when it’s to the dentist. When you have to come in again for dental care, you could be facing twice the time, twice the injections and twice the inconvenience! In our office, we believe you deserve cutting edge dental care that is comfortable and convenient. Say goodbye to the two or more treatment requirements typical of traditional dentistry. At New Image Dental, our CEREC develops radiant results in just one appointment! Come in for a dental crown, and leave in time for lunch with a beautiful new smile.

Same Day Smile Makeovers And One Day Crowns

We can’t change a smile in the snap of a finger, but we can cut lengthy appointment times in half! Crowns can take days and weeks to make if sent to a dental lab. But with our in-office dental lab, your ideal smile is just a visit away! Offering Same Day Smile Makeovers with CAD Smiles and Single Appointment Crowns, we make everything in-house before you leave the office! In addition,we will customize the size, shape and color of your dental crown while it’s made in-office. Get results that are personal to you! Ask us about our Same Day Smiles program and Single Appointment Crowns.

Digital Impressioning vs. Traditional Impressioning

Patients of all ages have probably experienced a goopy, messy impression at the dentist before. We use digital impressioning with our Omnicam to save you time and comfort, without the goop!

Take a Tour With Us!

Are you curious about CEREC yet? Come in and take a tour with us! We’ll keep you informed about the dynamic benefits of same day dental care with CEREC. Give us a call to schedule your consultation!

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