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Break The Cycle of Cavity Prone Teeth

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Our patients deserve to know what to expect about their dental health, in the office and at home! Check out our blog for the latest news and trends about dental health in the local community.

Break The Cycle of Cavity Prone Teeth

At New Image Dental, it’s not enough to treat dental issues in patients who will come back later needing more dental work. If you think you are prone to dental issues such as gum disease, cavities or tooth decay, wouldn’t you want to treat the source of the problem, not the symptoms?

Don’t Keep Getting Fillings And Crowns

If you realize you have a pattern in needing certain dental work (such as if your dentist frequently treats you for cavities or tooth decay), you may have higher dental health risks than others. Even if your insurance covers a crown every five years, it doesn’t mean you should be getting a crown every five years or settling on restorative dental care as your primary treatment method.

“The Best Dentistry Is No Dentistry”
–Dr. Scott Strommer

Stop The Problem. Lower The Risk.

As a leading dental practice in the community New Image Dental strives to enrich the lives of every patient with dentistry that works. Rather than solve dental problems again and again, Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer assess the potential causes of poor dental health, where proper care may contribute to better health of the entire body.

Before You Decide, Invest in Risk Assessment

Don’t spend money on dentistry that won’t help you in the long-run. At New Image Dental, we believe in quality dentistry that is built to last. That is why we provide our patients with a preemptive risk assessment, covering the following bases of dental health:

  • Are you at risk of certain dental issues (habit-based, genetic)?
  • What clues does your diagnosis say about your dental health?
  • Are there outside factors contributing to your current dental health?
  • What treatments options do you have, and how are they effective?


Your daily habits, diet, medical history, dental hygiene and even your genetics play a part in your dental and overall health. By taking a closer look into your oral health risks we can analyze the cause and get you on the right track of good dental health, so you won’t have to visit the dentist more than you have to.

No Nonsense Dentistry

Can you imagine going to the same dentist year after year, only to have a new cavity (or cavities!) filled at every visit? That’s just not fun for any patient, no matter how much they may love their dentist. At New Image Dental we’re a judgement-free, no nonsense dental practice with a core focus in risk reduction:

  • Analyze dental health risks
  • Listen carefully and provide options
  • Reduce risks and protect the mouth and smile
  • Treat dental health issues at their source
  • Provide patient education and support


After decades of advanced training and ongoing education, Drs. Leslie and Scott Strommer have become widely recognized in the field as the dentists that other dentists go to for knowledge and training. With so much emphasis on patient education and advanced dentistry, it is the mission at New Image Dental to take dental care that crucial step further and spin traditional dentistry on its head.

How Are We Disrupting Dentistry?

When you visit our dental office in Mission Valley we offer new and regular patients a unique way to look at dentistry and change your expectations about modern dental care. Our services include same-day dentistry, CEREC crowns and implant dentistry, risk assessment, modern cosmetic and restorative dental care and lead with a model of care based on patient understanding and education.

The Difference At New Image Dental

We know that when you understand your dental health you feel more empowered and encouraged to care for your smile and lead a more comfortable lifestyle full of health and wellness. At New Image Dental in Mission Valley it is the biggest compliment when our patients look forward to visiting the dentist and want to learn more about their dental health. Is it time for you to visit the dentist? Give us a call to schedule your next appointment!

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