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Accelerate Your Smile With Propel VPro5!

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Accelerate Your Smile With Propel VPro5!

Traditional metal braces used to be one of the only ways to straighten your teeth, and could take an average of 1-2 years or longer to complete! For patients looking to straighten their smiles quickly and discretely, invisalign offers many advantages. However, no orthodontic treatments are as effective in straightening your smile as our state-of-the-art AcceleDent Aura and Propel VPro5!

When paired with braces or Invisalign, our revolutionary new technology can transform your smile in a fraction of the time of traditional dentistry. Schedule a consultation with your local cosmetic dentist in Mission Valley by giving us a call at (619) 280-9100!

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

At New Image Dental, your Mission Valley Dentist straightens teeth using low and high frequency vibration technology to encourage gentler, faster and more comfortable orthodontic alignment of your smile. By pairing small, portable orthodontic devices such as the VPro5 or Acceledent Aura with your regular orthodontic treatment, your teeth may move up to 40% faster, letting you embrace your confident new smile without the hassle or wait.

Propel VPro5

Benefits of Propel VPro5:

Using this high frequency, C-shaped vibration device, straightening your smile with the VPro5 has numerous cosmetic, health and personal benefits:

  • Straightening your teeth is fast, safe, gentle and easy
  • Reduces potential discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment
  • Minimally invasive treatment can be performed at home
  • Stimulates healthy bone regeneration and remodeling
  • 5-minute wear time is up to 75% less time consuming than leading competitors

How Does The Propel VPro5 Work?

Using state of the art softpulse technology, Propel VPro5 delivers a series of micropulses to accelerate tooth movement alongside your orthodontic care. For best results, patients are recommended to use this device for approximately 5 minutes a day–easy to include alongside your nightly brush before bed! To recharge, simply plug the VPro5 into the wall charger when not in use.

Is Accelerated Orthodontics Safe?

Yes. Accelerated orthodontics with the VPro5 or AcceleDent is trusted by dentists nationwide to perform safe and reliable dental treatments and has undergone series of clinical testing.

How To Use Your Vpro5 or AcceleDent

When wearing your accelerated orthodontic device it is important to remember the following suggestions by your dentist:

  • Wear your device only for the doctor recommended timeframe
  • Do not attempt to sleep while wearing the device
  • Avoid wearing your VPro5 or AcceleDent when charging
  • Remember, your smile is unique! Do not share this device with others

Your Best Cosmetic Dentist In Mission Valley

As your local cosmetic dentist in Mission Valley it’s incredible to watch as patients step into newfound confidence in their restored smiles. At New Image Dental, we take the hassle out of cosmetic dentistry by offering each patient a range of options in order to take control of their dental health and embrace the smile they desire. Give us a call at (619) 280-9100 to schedule your consultation at New Image Dental in Mission Valley, and ask about accelerated orthodontic dentistry with our Propel VPro5!

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