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5 Things That Take Longer Than Getting CEREC Same-Day Crowns At New Image Dental

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5 Things That Take Longer Than Getting CEREC Same-Day Crowns At New Image Dental

At New Image Dental, Dr. Leslie Strommer, Dr. Scott Strommer and Dr. John Kim provide the very best Mission Valley CEREC crowns. We use digital imaging tools and modern technology to deliver exceptional service.

CEREC is an advanced, in-house dental prosthetic manufacturing system. It allows our doctors to mill veneers, crowns, and other dental prosthetics chair-side, and place them within a single appointment. No more waiting for an outside lab to create your dental crown!

Are you interested in CEREC in San Diego, but not convinced that a same-day crown is right for you? We’re here to change your mind!

How Long Does It Take To Get A CEREC Crown?

This depends on the specifics of your situation. However, due to our modern dental technology, most same-day CEREC crowns at New Image Dental can be manufactured and placed in only 1-2 hours!

To prove that you can carve out time for a same-day crown, we’ve put together this list of 4 things that take longer than a CEREC crown in Mission Valley!

4 Things That Take Longer Than A CEREC Crown At New Image Dental

  1. Renewing Your Driver’s License At The DMV – The DMV may be the only place that’s less popular with Californians than a dentist’s office! (We kid, of course. Why wouldn’t you love the dentist?) This may seem surprising, but it’s true! The average DMV wait time is 44 minutes nationwide, and if you choose to visit the DMV at peak hours from 12PM-2PM, you can easily be waiting upwards of an hour before you even get service, let alone a license.
  2. Seeing The Latest Superhero Blockbuster – The average run time of the latest Marvel and DC blockbusters continues to grow. Most superhero movies are now easily 2 hours long, with some movies such as The Avengers stretching to 2.5 hours!
    In the time it takes to watch The Hulk obliterate Loki on the big screen, you could have a same-day crown from New Image Dental.
  3. Hitting The Gym – In the time it takes to drive to the gym and get a great workout in (or participate in a group exercise class) you could have a brand-new crown placed at New Image Dental.
  4. Going To The Grocery Store – The average shopping trip takes about 41 minutes, and that doesn’t include the drive to and from. If you have kids to shop for, or choose to go shopping at rush hour, you may be looking at a 90+ minute trip.

As we proved with these 4 examples, anyone can make the time to visit New Image Dental for a same-day CEREC crown.

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Whether you’re interested in replacing an old metal dental crown with a ceramic crown, or think you may have a serious cavity that requires treatment, contact us right away.

The team at New Image Dental are always taking new patients, and we’d love to treat you. Give us a call at 619-280-9100 to schedule your appointment, or feel to drop by our office at 8989 Rio San Diego Drive #170, San Diego, CA 92108. Still not convinced? Take a look at some more information about same day smiles and CEREC technology, or read some of our past patient testimonials.

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