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4 Reasons To See A Same Day CEREC Dentist

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4 Reasons To See A Same Day CEREC Dentist

If you’re looking for same day dentistry in Mission Valley, New Image Dental Care is where you want to be. Dr. Leslie Strommer & Dr. Scott Strommer focus on using modern technology, digital x-rays, and CEREC to provide you with seamless, single-appointment treatments.

So, why should you see a same day CEREC dentist in the area, rather than visit a traditional dental office? Here are just 4 great reasons.

1. Get Treatment On Your Schedule

The first reason to see a same day CEREC dentist is to get the treatment you need when it’s convenient for you. We recognize that making time for a dentist’s appointment is not always easy, particularly for those with a 9-5 job, kids, and other responsibilities.

And if a single appointment is hard to make, it’s even harder to make a follow-up, which is usually required for traditional restorative treatments. Your crown or other prosthesis must be made at an outside lab, and sent back to the dentist.

But this is not the case with CEREC. Dr. Scott and Dr. Leslie Strommer can provide you with treatment in just one day, during a single appointment. This makes it easier to get treatment that fits your schedule.

2. Faster Emergency Treatment And Pain Relief

Because we use CEREC technology at our office, we can treat emergency dental issues like loose or missing dental work, injuries to the teeth, and other such issues in just a single appointment. This means that you can quickly get relief from pain and discomfort, and ensure that your mouth remains healthy and strong.

3. No More Temporary Treatments

Temporary veneers, crowns, dentures, and other such dental prostheses are often quite uncomfortable. That’s because they’re not meant to be perfect, just to protect your teeth until your final dental prosthesis has been manufactured.

But because CEREC dentistry allows us to create your prosthesis in-house, you don’t have to wear any kind of temporary dental crown or veneer ever again. Your permanent prosthesis will be created an attached in just a single appointment.

4. Better, More Accurate Dental Prostheses

CEREC allows our dentists to fine-tune the shape, size, and other aspects of your dental prosthesis before it’s manufactured. In addition, it’s easier to trim and modify the prosthesis once it’s been built, and it requires more major adjustments, we can redo it immediately.

That means that you’ll benefit from a more accurate restoration, increasing your comfort, and allowing your treated teeth to look and feel completely natural.

Don’t Settle For Long Treatment Times – Get Same Day Dentistry Now!

Same day dentistry with CEREC provides better results in less time, and requires no follow-up appointments or temporary treatments. For these reasons (and many more) you should contact New Image Dental Care right away for CEREC treatment.

You can give us a call at (619) 280-9100 to schedule an appointment, or feel free to stop by our office in person at 8989 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 170, San Diego, CA. We love meeting new patients, so we hope to see you soon.

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