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3 Things You Should NEVER Do If You’re Experiencing A Dental Emergency

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3 Things You Should NEVER Do If You’re Experiencing A Dental Emergency

At New Image Dental, Dr. Leslie Strommer & Dr. Scott Strommer specialize in emergency dentistry. Our team has seen it all, and we always have emergency appointments available for our patients. Whether you have a toothache, you suspect a piece of dental work like a crown or filling may be damaged, or you have experienced a dental injury, we’re here to help!

We want to prepare our patients for emergency situations, so here are some common mistakes to avoid:

1. Ignoring The Pain

If your tooth has been hurting for several days, you may have a tooth infection. If you slipped and fell, your tooth may be cracked and at risk of further damage. If your dental work is loose, bacteria may be eating away at the enamel that your filling or crown was protecting.

Don’t ignore oral pain. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If you experience any kind of significant oral pain for more than a day or two, come see the team at New Image Dental for emergency care.

2. Waiting Several Hours Before Contacting Your Dentist

You should call New Image Dental as soon as you notice a dental injury or another dental emergency. Ideally, you’ll want to get treatment within 1-12 hours, depending on the injury you’ve experienced. The longer you delay, the more likely you are to lose your tooth.

3. Using Aspirin To Treat Pain From A Dental Injury

Aspirin should never be used to treat a dental injury which has resulted in bleeding. This is because, while it is an effective pain medication, aspirin is also a blood thinner. It can prevent proper clotting, which may result in excessive blood loss. If want to treat your pain before your appointment, use a medicine like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen. These will not interfere with the clotting process.

New Image Dental – Emergency Dental Care in Mission Valley

At New Image Dental, Dr. Leslie Stommer and Dr. Scott Strommer are dedicated to providing comfortable, caring, and professional emergency dental care. We can help you restore your mouth, and mitigate the pain and discomfort of a serious dental emergency.

Call us immediately to schedule an emergency appointment at (619) 280-9100, or stop by our office at 8989 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 170, San Diego, CA 92108 for an emergency walk-in appointment.

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